Must Know Info

The following is a list of must know information.
Please read carefully before registering.


With the COVID-19 pandemic still evolving, teaching will be done person to person or virtually depending on the need. Please note the following:

  • Lessons will begin on Monday, September 13th, person to person, but students may opt to study virtually then and throughout the year
  • Person to person teaching will depend on COVID-19 guidelines; that is, when the province’s / city’s numbers grow significantly, the province closes schools, or the province shuts down, lessons will continue, but virtually. When things improve and the public is given the “go ahead”, opening the studio will be at my discretion. Once again, students may always opt for online instruction.
  • Hand washing, disinfection of common areas, wearing face masks (when appropriate), and ensuring social distancing protocols (when appropriate) are of utmost importance to help keep everyone safe and well. When advised, please wear masks when entering and exiting the studio.
  • When experiencing any and even the most minor symptoms of a cold or flu (headache, small fever, cough, sore / scratchy throat, sick stomach, strange rash, chest / sinus congestion, etc.) please remain home and opt for virtual instruction.
  • Regarding vaccinations: Even though I have received both of my vaccinations I will be teaching with my mask on; with 2 vaccinations, students will have the option of lessons with or without masks; without 2 vaccinations, students will be required to wear masks at their lessons


  • 10 post-dated cheques dated on the last day of each month (September 30th, October 31st, November 30th, December 31st, January 31st, February 28th, March 31st, April 30th, May 31st, and June 30th) are due at the first lesson in September, OR
  • E-transfers are also an option, due on the last day of each month, OR
  • A one-time payment of the full year’s tuition, due on the last day of September, and either by cheque or e-transfer.


  • When I miss lessons for any reason, they are either made up or refunded.
  • Other reasons for make-up lessons are: student illness, family emergency, or some other unique and/ or extenuating circumstance. They are pre-arranged by students and myself, all upon the students’ requests, and generally done virtually.
  • ALL LESSONS ON WINTER STORM DAYS are taught virtually.


  • Please note that there are dress rehearsals and group lessons interspersed throughout the year. These are good opportunities for students to present their work in small and intimate, but public settings, helping to insure success at the major, sometimes larger, and generally more significant performance venues like: the Xmas Community Concert, Fredericton Music Festival, End of the Year Concert, and formal examinations. There are very important learning outcomes with respect to these exercises and, as such, are part of the teaching strategy, the yearly calendar, and the tuition schedule.
  • Students are required to participate in all dress rehearsals, group lessons, and public performances as the lesson fees associated with them are not refunded. (1 dress rehearsal/ group lesson in preparation for the larger performance plus the larger performance itself is equivalent to 1 lesson fee.)
  • In the event that the COVID-19 Pandemic prevents live public presentations, student performances will be done online throughout the year on ZOOM. Please stay tuned for details as the need arises.


  • Students are responsible for purchasing music. (I often purchase the music at a discount and pass that on to you, thereby asking you to reimburse me.)
  • Supplementary material from my library may be assigned from time to time.
  • Additional music may be purchased at any time and brought to the lesson.


  • All the students’ weekly homework assignments are recorded online and sent to students by the end of each lesson day.They are extremely important tools to help students stay on task and up to date with respect to progress.
  • Because there are so many verbal instructions that happen within Voice lessons in particular, it’s important for singers to bring recording devices to all lessons with which to reference and practice at home. The actual devices used are at the discretion of the students.